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July 2016
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Affordable Dental Care: Are Dental Discount Plans Worth It?

If pain at the pump is starting to make you wonder how you’re going to afford your dental check-ups this year, you may want to think about a dental discount plan.  Dental discount plans are exactly that; they work like club memberships where you get a discount off your dentist’s rack rates for each visit or procedure you may need. 

Now, the important thing to keep in mind is that dental discount plans are not dental insurance.   You still pay your dentist when you visit him or her, but your discount card entitles you to discount (which may vary depending on your plan or the service performed).  However, dental discount plans do have some similarties to dental insurance.  One of the most important is that dental discount plans do not work with all dentists.  Dental discount plans generally only provide discounts to dentists that are members of the plan network. 

On the other hand, dental discount plans are usually significantly cheaper than dental insurance, and for many, they’re easier to use.  Dental discount plans usually don’t require deductibles, copays,  maximums or claim forms.  Discounts are usually easier to calculate ahead of time as well, so you can usually call your dentist and find out how much your dental procedure will cost and how much of a discount you will get on it.

If you are considering a dental discount plan, two things you should review before signing up are whether the plan requires waiting periods and/or excludes certain pre-existing conditions.  You certainly don’t want to be waiting

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