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July 2016
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Breast Cancer Drug Arimidex Now Available For $40 a Month!

This is great news if you are a breast cancer patient, especially if you are uninsured or your health insurance does not cover Arimidex. AstraZeneca has now started the Arimidex Direct program which offers Arimidex to breast cancer patients by mail order for $40 a month, including shipping.

There are no eligibility requirements for Arimidex Direct. All patients with a prescription for the brand Arimidex are eligible for the Arimidex Direct program, including patients with prescription coverage or those paying cash. There is no qualification process, nor is a savings card or coupon needed. AstraZeneca Arimidex Direct is a program through AstraZeneca and is not processed through insurance. Prescription coverage cannot be used for any type of reimbursement through Arimidex Direct.

That being said, if you do have prescription drug coverage for Arimidex, Arimidex Direct is probably not a great deal. The copay for Arimidex is usually only around $10, so the $40 for Arimidex Direct is not going to help you much, if any.

But if you don’t have prescription drug coverage for Arimidex, or more likely if your health insurance only coverage the generic version of Arimidex and won’t cover brand name Arimidex, the Arimidex Direct could help a lot. A one-month supply of Arimidex can easily run over $450 and generic Arimidex still runs almost $200.

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