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July 2016
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Can You Charge Your Doctor For Your Waiting Time?

It may sound crazy, but if you’ve ever had to wait any significant amount of time for your doctor, you already know how unproductive, frustrating and yes, expensive to sit,¬†waiting an hour ¬†or more for your doctor to see you. To start the weekend off right, we’re sharing a story on CNN about what some patients have done to even the score a bit:

Elaine Farstad got antsy as she waited for her doctor, who was late for her scheduled appointment. Then she got downright impatient. Then, as nearly two hours passed, she got mad. Then she came up with an idea.

“I decided to bill the doctor,” she says. “If you waste my time, you’ve bought my time.”

When Farstad returned home, she figured out her hourly wage working as an IT specialist at Boeing in Everett, Washington. She doubled it for the two hours she’d spent in the waiting room, and mailed the invoice to her doctor.

“It’s ludicrous — why would I wait for free?” says Farstad, who is now an engineering graduate student at North Carolina State University. “Like we all learned in kindergarten, it’s about respecting each other.”

In years gone by, doctors would likely have scoffed at the suggestion they reimburse patients for time spent waiting. But Farstad’s doctor sent her a check for $100, the full amount she requested, and some tardy doctors tell CNN they give patients money (or a gift) before the patient even asks.

Would your doctor pay for wasted time?

Have you ever wanted to bill your doctor for your time? Tell us about it!

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