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July 2016
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CATCH Program Helps the Uninsured Get Healthcare in Springfield, Illinois

We came across a story on another program doing great work with uninsured patients, the Coordinated Access To Community Health (CATCH) program which is providing much-needed healthcare to uninsured patients in the Springfield, Illinois area:

Mary Able’s future could have been bleak without the orthopedic surgery she received Oct. 26 at St. John’s Hospital for a hip problem.

“I would have been crippled for the rest of my life,” said Able, 56, an unemployed Springfield resident. “At least now I’ve got a second chance.”

Valerie Roberts, 52, said she’s on better medicine for her bipolar disorder, grateful for foot surgery and relieved after the removal of a growth on her neck that could have turned into cancer.

“It’s a lot better peace of mind,” said Roberts, who is unemployed and lives with her brother and sister-in-law in Springfield.

Able and Roberts are among 250 patients who have enrolled so far in a new program that stitches together a patchwork quilt of free health care for uninsured residents of Sangamon County.

They are among the early success stories of the 7-month-old Coordinated Access To Community Health, according to the CATCH program’s development director, Michele Tucker.

Some uninsured patients are starting to receive life-saving or life-altering treatments as they finally get regular checkups, address long-neglected health issues and learn about new ones such as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes, she said.

“We’re enrolling more people every day,” Tucker said last week.

Health-care community comes together to help uninsured

CATCH program organizers are hoping to sign up 300 to 500 patients in the program’s first year, and reach 6,000 patients in the first five years. Not all uninsured patients qualify — only adults who live in Sangamon County and have incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, or less than $21,780 a year for an individual and $44,700 for a family of four, but for more information, contact the Sangamon County Medical Society.

Are you uninsured? Tell us about it!

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