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July 2016
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Finding Cheaper, More Affordable NovoLog… Somewhere

At more than $125 a pop, it’s probably no surprise that we get lots of questions about trying to find cheaper, more affordable sources for NovoLog. If you have diabetes, NovoLog is one of the most commonly-prescribed insulin treatments, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most pricey.

And unfortunately, if you’re looking for a cheaper, more affordable substitute NovoLog like a generic, there’s not a whole lot of good news. NovoLog is a “biologic” which isn’t subject to the same laws and rules as traditional prescription drugs for generics. Because of the way that biologics like are made, it’s really unlikely that there will be a generic version of NovoLog anytime in the near future, if ever. Even if the laws regarding biologics change, NovoLog is protected by a fistful of patents, so the chances of a generic version of NovoLog in the near future are pretty dim. At this rate, who knows when a cheaper, more affordable generic version of NovoLog will hit the market?

Crummy! And I Still Can’t Afford $125 for NovoLog!

Okay, the situation is not great (to say the least!), but we still have some options for cheaper, more affordable NovoLog:

The Cornerstone4Care. Novo Nordisk offers a $50 coupon on your first prescription for NovoLog through the the”>The Cornerstone4Care program. See the coupon for details.

The Novo Nordisk Diabetes Patient Assistance Program. Novo Nordisk offers assistance to patients with a financial hardship who are not eligible for prescription drug coverage through Medicare, Medicaid or any other public or private health program. Patients who meet the program’s eligibility criteria are provided Novo Nordisk products like NovoLog free of charge.

NovoLog Free Samples. If you and your doctor know that the NovoLog sample is going to help patch you over a tough month or two, by all means… take the NovoLog samples, but keep in mind, prescription drug samples are not a long-term answer if you still have difficulty paying for your NovoLog. If you can’t afford your NovoLog after the samples run out, it’s time to talk to your doctor about a longer-term solution.

Generic NovoLog from Online Foreign Pharmacies. Okay, we know we’ve mentioned the possibility of buying generic prescription drugs from foreign pharmacies as a way to save money before, and for some drugs, it’s a real alternative if you can’t afford your prescriptions otherwise. However, even though there are some online pharmacies which claim to be able to get your cheap, generic versions of NovoLog, please don’t fall for them! As we mentioned, NovoLog is biologic and almost impossible to copy. Anything that promises you generic NovoLog is sure to be a scam. At best, you could waste your time and money on these “generic NovoLogs” and at worst, they could be really dangerous.

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