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July 2016
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Generic Drug News: Generic Version of Femcom FE Chewable Birth Control Tablets Coming

Quick generic drug approval bulletin for today. If like many young American women, you or a loved one uses birth control pills, then this news might make your day. Lupin Pharmaceuticals has announced that it is launching a generic version of Warner Chilcott’s popular birth control tablets Femcom FE. Femcom FE is a low-dose, chewable birth control tablet that can be taken with liquid.

Oral contraceptive pills are the one of the most popular forms of birth control pills.  It’s estimated that almost 12 million American women use birth control pills.

Considering a thirty-day supply of brand-name Femcom FE is currently running about $80, this could easily be a huge savings for many young women, so if you use Femcom FE for your birth control, you should ask your doctor if you are an appropriate candidate for the Femcom FE generic counterpart.

Does you take Femcom FE for your birth control? Tell us about it!

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