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July 2016
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Is Walgreens Still in Your Health Insurance Network?

Well, January 1 has come and gone and if you’re an Anthem Blue Cross member who routinely gets his or her prescriptions filled at your local Walgreens drugstore, you may be finding yourself shopping for a new pharmacy soon. That’s because Express Scripts, one of the county’s largest pharmacy benefit managers, has been unable to come to agree on new contract terms with Walgreens, which means that anyone whose prescriptions go through Express Scripts will not be able to get their prescriptions filled at Walgreens until this mess is straightened out.

And before you think that this doesn’t apply to you, keep in mind that Express Scripts processed 750 million prescriptions last year alone, including for health insurance giant Wellpoint which runs Anthem Blue Cross. The whole ordeal is especially galling to Anthem Blue Cross members who saw their health insurance premiums go up last year. Anthem members who have been filling their prescriptions at their local Walgreens will have to find a new drugstore if they want to continue getting their meds covered by their health insurance.

Considering Walgreens is the largest drugstore chain the nation, we think this is more than a little in convenient, and possibly expensive considering the gas and time needed to go to another drugstore.

If you’re annoyed by the change, Walgreens has already created a website, which provides a sample letter attesting to how much you “value the care and convenience that my Walgreens pharmacy offers me every day.”

Do you get your prescriptions filled at a Walgreens? Tell us about it!

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