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July 2016
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Link of the Day: Do You Know How Much Crestor Will Cost You?

If you’ve ever wondered how much that new drug your doctor has started prescribing might cost you, this link might be useful. AstraZeneca has added a cost estimating tool to its Crestor website so that you can estimate how much Crestor might cost you out-of-pocket.

Even though Crestor generally retails for around $150 for a 30 day supply, most health insurance plans cover Crestor to one extent or another.  Unfortunately, figuring how much your health insurance plan may cover a particular prescription drug  (like Crestor!) and then how much you will still need to pay for your drug can be confusing in the best of cases, which is where the Crestor Cost Estimator comes in. Crestor Cost Estimator can give you a good idea how much Crestor will cost you out-of-pocket once you figure in co-pays, co-insurance, etc.

The cost-estimator only works for Crestor, but since Crestor is one of America’s most popular cholesterol drugs and the Crestor patent isn’t due to run out until 2016, we think it’s worthwhile to share the link with all the people who might be prescribed CrestorCrestor (rosuvastatin calcium) is a prescription drug belonging to a group of medicines — called statins — that are used to treat high cholesterol

Do you use Crestor to treat your high cholesterol? Tell us about it!

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