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July 2016
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Pfizer Offers $4 Lipitor Co-Pay Card? Is Affordable $4 Lipitor Too Good To Be True?

Lipitor for the price of a Costco or Wal-Mart generic prescription drug? Affordable Lipitor may sound too good to be true, but this deal is for real. Pfizer is offering $4 Co-Pay cards for its blockbuster cholesterol drug Lipitor through its website and they’re available right now.

The Deal

If you are eligible, you can start using the $4 Lipitor Co-Pay card right away to start saving on your Lipitor. If your health insurance co-pay is:

• $54 or less, you pay only $4 a month for your Lipitor

• $55 or more, save $50 off your monthly cost, up to $600 of savings per calendar year.

What’s the Catch?

Not exactly a “catch,” but the $4 Lipitor Co-Pay card does come with some restrictions. This $4 Lipitor Co-Pay card is not valid if your prescription drugs are covered by Medicaid, Medicare or any other federal or state healthcare programs (including any state prescription drug assistance programs and the Government Health Insurance Plan available in Puerto Rico (formerly known as “La Reforma de Salud”). The $4 Lipitor Co-Pay card is not valid if you are covered by private insurance plans or other health or pharmacy benefit programs which reimburse you for the entire cost of your prescription drugs.

The $4  program is available only at participating pharmacies.

We don’t know about you, but even with the restrictions, we think that saving up to $600 a year Lipitor is pretty unbeatable right now.

Do you take prescription Lipitor? Tell us about it!

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76 comments to Pfizer Offers $4 Lipitor Co-Pay Card? Is Affordable $4 Lipitor Too Good To Be True?

  • Thanks or your question, BJ. Are you referring to $4 generics or are you actually paying a co-pay? We couldn’t tell from your message whether your prescription drugs are covered by Medicare at all. If they are, then you would not be eligible for the Lipitor $4 co-pay card.

  • Tom

    This is a huge Phizer rip-off. At CVS, a 20 mg 30-day Lipitor supply lists for a little over $190, a generic version a little over $160. Assume your insurance pays nothing. In theory, with the card, I should be able to get a $50 discount off Lipitor = $140 NOT $4. I can get the rough equivalent of pravastatin at Walmart for $3.33. My insurance pays nothing for Lipitor but will pay $150 for the generic. I pay $10. Between Phizer and CVS, they collect $160. Again, even without insurance, Walmart collects a total of $3.33. This is a deceptive scheme to get people to switch their prescriptions to Lipitor and, between themselves and their insurance company, be screwed by Phizer for more than $150 per month.

  • Thanks for your comment, Tom. There’s a lot of … uh, interesting business going on with the Lipitor $4 co-pay card. Pfizer is willing to put a lot of money behind keeping their brand-name market share. We’ll see how this plays out.

  • Debra

    Is there a list of participating pharmacies for the $4 Lipitor card?

  • Thanks for your question, Debra. There should be a list on the Lipitor site, but it’s not very helpful. We’re working on pulling together something, and should have something up soon!

  • lisa

    and THIS is why our health insurance costs are going through the roof … yes … they take a price cut for the consumer, but still charge the insurance company the same amount (if not more) … wow

  • Thanks for your comment, Lisa. Yup, they’re taking it out from all sides, and the consumer gets pummeled.

  • Silvana

    I just got a 20 mg 30-day Lipitor supply at CVS for $167.00 my insurance will reimburse nothing. I made the mistake of doing the research AFTER getting the medication and found the $4.00 co-payment card on the Lipitor website, sign up and got temp card, my question is: Can I still get some money back from CVS even thou I already got the prescription? will it work next month? I’m a bit confused.

  • Mary

    My husband gets his meds through the VA; however VA will not pay for Lipitor. Can he get Lipitor for $4, using the new card?

  • Thanks for your question, Mary. Does the VA cover Lipitor at all? What the Lipitor $4 co-pay card is reduce your insurance co-pay, but it doesn’t provide insurance for the Lipitor itself.

  • I have been taking Lipitorfor over 4 years and it is expensive. Please help me with this coupon offer. Betsy

  • Thanks for your question, Elizabeth. What can we do to help you?

  • Lori

    I have no insurance at all and was prescribed Lipitor. I cannot afford the price at CVS. Does this 4 dollar co pay card mean that this is all that I pay or all that is taken off of the price?

  • Thanks for your question, Lori. Unfortunately, the $4 co-pay card only works if you have insurance, but have you tried the generic versions of Lipitor that are out now?

  • Terri

    The so called $4.00 offer comes with so many restricitons that the average person cannot use the offer, or wtih very little benefit. Why don’t pharmacueticals do something to help the average working class of people.?? My husband was just prescribed Lipitor and even in generic form would be over $100.00 out of pocket for 30 day supply. Why should we tolerate this in America??

  • Thanks for your comment, Terri. Have you and your husband tried ordering Lipitor from a Canadian pharmacy?


    My wife takes Lipitor Generic and gets her meds through the mail from Medco. We have insurance but her co-pays are about $40 for 90 day supply. Does Medco accept this $4 copay card?

  • Thanks for your question, Harry. the short answer is yes, Medco does accept the Lipitor $4 Copay Card, but remember that’s still subject to some fine print, which we couldn’t tell from your question e.g. the Lipitor $4 Copay Card doesn’t work with Medicare, Medicaid, etc. The copay you’re talking about for brand name Lipitor or for generic Lipitor?

  • Gary Lamar Phillips

    The VA has taken everybody off Lipitor and substituted Crestor. Lipitor droped my total cholesterol from 269 down to 144 and now the VA wants to put me and everybody else on Crestor wish put a man in the hospital with kidney dsease as a result of Crestor. I already have stage 3 kidney disease and i am afraid this will make my kidneys worse. I was taking 80 MG of Lipitor and te VA gives me 40 mg tocut in half mking 20 mg per day. that is not right.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Gary. Has your doctor said anything to you about the effects of Crestor on your kidneys? It might be worth a try to get your doctor to send a letter to the VA, and see if that helps at all.

  • Brenda

    Not sure why you didn’t post my comment because it’s true. Your article is very misleading trying to infer that the card comes with a catch b/c it’s not offered to Medicare, Medicaid and other gov programs. Pharma companies are prohibited from offering these patient assistance cards to patients with Medicare, Medicaid, and other gov funded programs. In your “about us” sectin yous ay that some of you guys comes from the pharma industry – how come then you don’t know how this works?

    You should also be upfront with these people and let them know that when they have coinsurance rather than a copay CVS is not the best to go with because they are by far the most expensive, so the patient will then pay more than at other pharmacies.

  • Thanks for your comment, Brenda. We absolutely didn’t mean to insinuate that the Lipitor $4 copay card’s restrictions are a catch. It’s just that so many folks on Lipitor are on programs like Medicare. We just want to warn them before they do a lot of legwork, so they’re not disappointed.

    I have been taking pravastatin sodium for my high chorlestrol and has not been lowering my chorlestrol as effectivley as the lipator,I ONLY HAVE STREIGHT medicare and no precription plan.

  • Bobbi

    I used the $4.00 co pay card in July received the Lipitor after paying the co pay. Now I just received a bill from Walgreens for an additional $141.00 I don’t understand what happened. I thought that was all I had to pay. My insurance only covers the generic so I used your card but now I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. What happened?

  • Thanks for contacting us, Bobbi. Have you talked to Walgreens about why you have the additional bill?

  • robin burns

    My husband has been taking Lipitor for about 20 years and does very with it. He has insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield since last March. We have encountered a problem in the last two months with his insurance and still not sure why. The CVS pharmacy tells us that it is insurrance not accepting Lipitor at the rate they used to so he is now taking the generic to save money but not happy with how he feels. He does have the lipitor $4 co pay card but does not seem to apply. Can you advize how we can use this card?

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