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May 2016
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Thinking of Braces for Your Child? Offers Coupon for Free Orthodontic Consultations in May

Thinking about braces for your kids?  With the new flexible spending account limits coming in in 2013 ($2,500 per employee per year) and employee health benefits being pared back everywhere, now is a good time to start thinking about whether your kids will need braces, how much the braces will cost and when they will need to start. And one good place to start is at which is offering a coupon for a free orthodontic consultation during the month of May. Coupons can be redeemed with an American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) orthodontist.
And while you’re doing your research on braces, don’t forget that dental schools are an excellent source of affordable dental and orthodontic care. We like dental schools because you can generally get good-quality, affordable dental work done by advanced dental students, and orthodontics and braces are no exception.  For usually about two-third of the price of a private practice orthodontist, you can orthodontal care from a resident under the supervision of an experienced orthodontist.  Considering the prices of braces these days, we think that’s a bargain!

We also like dental schools because you can check out their accreditation pretty easily and weed out non-accredited schools pretty easily.  If you are looking at dental schools around you for discounted orthodontal care, we recommend checking out The American Association of Orthodontists and their list of accredited dental schools as a start.

Are you planning for your kids’ braces? Tell us about it!

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