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July 2016
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What Does a Concierge Doctor Really Cost? And Is It Really Worth It?

Maybe it’s from your doctor, maybe it’s from the news, or maybe it’s just from the TV series Royal Pains, but by now most Americans have at least heard of concierge doctors, doctors who charge patients extra fees in order to have special access to them at all times. Concierge doctors typically offer their patients same-day and/or next-day appointments, housecalls, 24/7 email and telephone access, special health and wellness program… really anything and everything to make your patient care as comprehensive and comfortable as possible.

If you’ve ever waited weeks and weeks for an appointment for your doctor only to feel like you’ve been rushed in and out of your doctor’s office in 15 minutes or less, it may all sound like a medical paradise, but what does concerige doctor care really cost? And is it worth it for most people. Well, we decided to take a look at the question and here is what we’ve found.

Concierge Medical Care Is Expensive… And It Costs More Than You Think. Unlike traditional doctors who may be trying to squeeze in as many as 4,000 patients a year, concierge doctors typically only keep a patient roster of 600 patients which lets them spend the time to give attention to each patient. However, that time and attention costs money, and lots of it. Concierge doctor fees usually run from $1,500 to $25,000 a year, depending on the kinds of services offered and chosen.

And the costs don’t just stop there. Concierge medical care fees pay for your access to your doctor and services and programs not covered by health insurance (like Medicare). Your general medical care, actual check-up fees, flu vaccines, standard doctor’s visits, etc. are still billed to your health insurance so you need to keep up with paying your health insurance premiums, even if you’re paying concierge medical care fees on top of that.

So obviously concierge doctors are clearly not going to be something for a typical, healthy American who may only be seeing their doctor a couple times a year. However, if you’re someone with means who has a chronic condition that needs to be managed with the help of a doctor or are an older American who needs to see their doctor regularly, concierge doctors may be something that you may be interested in exploring. Just don’t be blindsided by how much it may cost you in the end!

Have you thought about going with a concierge doctor? Tell us about it!

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1 comment to What Does a Concierge Doctor Really Cost? And Is It Really Worth It?

  • Concierge Physicians sound exactly like my HMO: Kaiser Permenente in California.

    Same day appointments/ email 24/7
    Wellness programs/ Health and Preventative care

    Yes, there are lots of people, yet, there are plenty of Board Certified Physicians!

    Kaiser … it doesn’t get any better …

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